Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tyler Knott Gregson

I discovered Tyler Knott Gregson quite by chance and was instantly hooked. He describes himself as ...

 a photographer.



Exploitable Genius.

Word Alchemist.

Thought Translator.

Boy With Faraway Eyes.


I love this - it makes me think and ponder what some of it means and what he wants to convey.  It was this poem that I came across first...

The words

‘I Love You’

were stuck inside

knocking on the

door to my throat,

asking politely

if they could come out

to play

with you


For those three words,

I decided to take down

the door and instead

put up a window

that I will always, always

leave open.

His poetry resonates somewhere within and I recognise his thoughts and the truths he is sharing - I love this one:

Let there be light, and let it always find a way, to find me. Bathe me, cover me, surround me and paint me when I most feel my color has gone.

This is one of his daily haiku's on love.  Here's another that speaks loudly to me:

If you pull the thread

that’s connected to your heart,

I will feel the tug.

If you like this little taster head over to his site and enjoy browsing through his archives, or sign up to his twitter for daily doses of haiku.

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