Monday, May 28, 2012

Moments from the Weekend

Scenes from the beach
Summer has finally arrived and I made the most of it this weekend...It's been a crazy, crazy few weeks so I needed some down-time badly.  I spent Saturday indulging my inner child by taking my Godaughter for lunch and joining her on the Victorian funfare ride as well as catching up with an old friend and having a long overdue chat. Sunday was a blissful day by the beach at the Witterings.  It's amazing how if you walk just ten minutes along the beach you can have the entire place to yourself.  I had a magic moment too, when I was floating in the sea, no one around but me and right in front of me a bird did a perfect dive into the blue waters emerging with a fish. 
The cutest mini-bar cocktails (Thank you Lisa!) and glasses of wine in the sunshine with my bestie (was going to say 'oldest' friend!!!), followed by kisses in the sky, love all round ...

Gorgeous clapboard house and garden in West Wittering (want, want, want!)  If you look closely behind the white picket fence, you can see not only a wall-mounted shower to get rid of the sand, BUT a big bath too..

What did you do to celebrate the sunshine this weekend?

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