Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Summer To Do List

As my long summer break from school is now peeping its head over the horizon, I'm allowing myself some headspace to dream about what I'd like to do during the time off... It doesn't matter too much if I don't do all of the things I aspire to, but I do like a goal, and a list!!!!

1.  Get back on track with some healthy eating and  more exercise.  I've been so busy and the last year has taken it's toll.  With a big birthday looming up in the not too distant future I want to hit it in good shape.

2.  Read. Read. Read some more.  I'm currently trawling through recommendations which I'm going to store away for my holiday in the South of France.  I won't download them onto my kindle until just before I go, or I'll read them, it's that simple.

3.  Go to an outdoor film screening.  Bishop's Park has a whole selection this summer so now I've just got to get organised.

4.  On last year's list I had put that I wanted to learn to cook proper Indian food/curries.  It didn't happen for a variety of reasons, so this year it's back on the to-do-list.

5.  Learn all over again how to relax.  I've realised that I'm terrible at sitting still.  I always seem to be doing something, so I need to get back into my meditation habit.  I have a meditation app on my phone that is pretty good, but I've been hearing good things about Calm so will download that too.

6.  Wild swimming.  I love swimming and go to my local pool several times a week, but there's something magical about swimming in the sea, a river, a hidden pond somewhere.  I'm going to find some new places to try.

I'm sure I'll add to this list over the next few weeks, but this is something to be going on with.  What are your plans for the summer?

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