Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Rhubarb and Rose Syrup

Just like the Lilac sugar recipe, this gorgeously fragrant syrup makes good use of things that are around us abundantly at this time of year.  Growing in my back garden are two large, spreading, sprawling climbing roses in cream and damask yellow.  They smell divine and the blooms although they flower for a fairly longish period, once they open they're only good for a few days before my garden is sprinkled with petal confetti.  I always mourned the loss of these flower petals but here is a wonderful use for them...similarly rhubarb.  Can't get enough of it, I love it stewed until just tender in a little sugar and cassis, then stirred into creamy greek yogurt, or accompanying a vanilla panacotta, or just piled high on it's own.  This is a new use for it and one I'll be making and giving  to friends!

You can even use it to make rhubarb/rose bellini's by adding it to prosecco, or pour over ice and add's up to really is summer in a bottle....

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