Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday Fiction - Sisterland

I first came across Curtis Sittenfeld when I read her novel The American Wife.  I devoured this book practically in one sitting, so lifelike were her characters I completely forgot I was the reader and they were merely characters.  It felt like we were one great big family.  That's the way a good novel should be don't you think?  Anyway, when I read on Good Reads that she'd released a new novel Sisterland I downloaded it in a flash to my trusty Kindle.  I wasn't disappointed.

Identical twins, Kate and Vi live in St Louis.  Vi has developed a career as a psychic medium, whilst Kate has settled into life with two small children.  Both Kate and Vi were born with innate 'senses' that gave them psychic abilities that Vi embraced and Kate renounced.  These abilities enabled them to see the future and others' secrets.  When Vi predicts a large earthquake in St Louis, neither sister was prepared for the overwhelming publicity and intrusion into their lives and both women had to confront the reality of their 'gifts'.  Although Kate has rejected her psychic abilities, a large part of her worries that Vi may be right and in the middle of all the turmoil she falls into bed with the husband of a friend...there is of course some fallout!  I'm not going to tell you anymore...Get it and find out for yourself.  Just make sure that you don't need to be anywhere, do anything, or talk to anyone before you finish it...

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