Monday, July 01, 2013

Tea-cup Meditation

It's very early on a summer's morning and I'm sitting in the garden, well before the rest of the household stirs.  It's quiet and so very, very still.  I've written about my love for early mornings here - although we want to be up and about by choice, not insomnia!  Anyway, the air is cool and my early morning tea is hot and steaming and the birds are singing with delight as the sun edges its way into the new day.  But I'm not alone.  That old friend 'The To Do List' is ever present, trying to nudge its way rudely into my thoughts. Come on, the old friend urges; things to do, places to go, hurry, hurry, no time to stop.  Hey!  Who's in charge here? I'm stronger than my old friend and there's a rule that accompanies this first cup of tea and it's this;  there's no planning, scheming, list making or worrying whilst drinking my first cup. This is my meandering, creative, daydreamy time, when I can indulge in crazy thoughts and ideas with no self-censoring. Just let it all unravel and follow wherever it wants to go.

It's important to build stand-still time into our lives.  We are all so busy 'doing' that we need to consciously give ourselves the time to pause and slow down, to sit and loosen the noose of preoccupations, worries and responsibilities.  We are all hostages to life's business to some degree; I have a full-time job, family and other responsibilities and for me, this morning cup of tea is when I can find some 'moodling' time; time to just sit and be.  It's not exactly a classic meditation, but it does require your presence in the present, rather than thinking ahead about your day.  So, here I am, sitting quietly, watching the widescreen of my mind, waiting to see what it brings me today.

I hope you'll try it too...

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