Sunday, November 20, 2011

Give Thanks

When I was little I loved my birthday, but hated the days that came afterwards...Why?  Quite simply because my parents made me sit down and write my 'thank-you' letters.  It wasn't enough to just say 'Thank you for the elephant toothbrush holder', in fact the actual words 'thank you' weren't really allowed to appear.  Instead I had to eulogise about what each particular gift had done to enhance my world (this was especially difficult with an elephant toothbrush holder!!).  Each note had to be different and sincere...As I've mentioned before in this post, the art of letter writing is flagging but despite my indifference as a child, as an adult now I quite enjoy the time to sit down with my new 'thank you' cards and express my gratitude.  Here are some cards that I'm particularly liking at the moment:
Cupcake inspired



Japanese Cherry Blossom

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