Sunday, November 13, 2011

Love it/Hate it!

I know!  Lots of people would probably consign it to Room 101..You really do love it , or hate it.  It has an intensity of flavour that can overwhelm, but used sparingly can be a magical ingridient.  Uses for Marmite: a teaspoon in hotwater for a hot toddy; a smither on a knife on hot buttered toast (a favourite of mine when nursing a hangover); depth of seasoning in a beef and ale stew or soup; its iconic label cannot be mistaken for anything else.  Today I found a new use for it... a flavouring for pasta.. Yes. Really.  So, simmer your pasta for aproximately 7 mins; reserve some of the pasta water to mix with sauce afterwards- it helps it meld better.  When it is al-dente, drain and add a teaspoon of Marmite.  If you like dense flavour then by all means add more, but remember with Marmite, less is more  (at least in my book).  After a little experimenting I think this bridges the two extremes.  Stir in your marmite/spoonful of reserved pasta water; season with salt/pepper and drench in parmesan.  All that is left is to enjoy..

seriously, it tastes better than it looks

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  1. Love it - posting, not the black gunk.K