Monday, November 11, 2013

Link Love

1.  If like me you're a bit of a secret (or not so secret!) cheese lover, then check out these two helpful guides on how to choose your cheese.  I think my top tip would always be to firstly find a really great cheese shop - I go to Hamish Johnston on the Northcote Road in South West London and my second tip would be to keep trying new cheeses and keep a note of those you like and why.  Anyway, have a look at The Reluctant Gourmet's guide to buying cheese and Cupcakes and Cashmere's handy chart.  Then go buy cheese...

2.  I am totally in love with this DIY pearl earring tutorial 

3.  Brussels Sprouts - you either love them or hate them, either way, give this easy recipe for smoky, lemony brussels a go..

4. I've always hankered after an Ottoman to use as a coffee table and these have fuelled the fire even more!
5.  Writing your novel? check out this from my latest blog love Novelicious
6.  Still on the novel theme, one from the archives on NaNoWriMo

Have a good week! 

image sources: 2/3

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