Saturday, February 04, 2017

Everyday Makeup

I've recently started following vlogger/blogger posts by Tanya Burr - she's a British makeup artist and blogger and is refreshingly normal - ie she's happy to post wearing her gungey leggings and makeup free face, but her tutorials are easy to follow and she even does a fantastic tutorial using everyday drugstore brands, rather than the very expensive brands, so the looks she creates are affordable.
I have to confess that I LOVE makeup.  Full disclosure.  For me, going into SpaceNK is the equivalent of the sweetie shop for kids.  I totally love the browsing, discovering different brands, and I always seem to come away with something, even if it's just samples from the sales girls.  If you need more incentive then they also have a loyalty card called Ndulge so you rack up points that convert to hard cash too.

Although I do love makeup, I don't spend hours putting it on.  I haven't got the time or the patience so it takes me about ten minutes tops in the mornings before work.  I do have some staples that I keep coming back to but I like to experiment too. So, here are the brands/products that are working for me currently: (Apologies for the awful photos - left it too late in the day to photograph - and the products are all in use, hence the 'used' look of most of them!)

Top right - Kevin Aucoin foundation; Top left - Laura Mercier Addiction highlighter
Bottom left - Caudalie Beauty Elixir; Bottom right - Space NK eyelash curlers

FoundationThe Etherealist Skin Illuminator by Kevin Aucoin in Light.  Its a liquid foundation that is light reflecting and not too heavy on the skin

Brows - anyone who knows me knows that my eyebrows are white blonde.  When I do get them coloured I just feel like I look weird but this little palette by Tanya Burr does the trick for me, with four different powder shades so I can mix it up and get the right kind of look.

I am addicted to Laura Mercier products - she really does create the flawless face - and I have three palettes of hers, including the gorgeous highlighter above in Addiction which gives the most heavenly but subtle glow to the cheek bones.  Also in the Laura Mercier brand, I use their Caviar Sticks eyeshadows - I got the cutest ever little pack before Christmas with four of their bestselling colours, but my favourite is definitely Rosegold.  It just slides on and stays put all day - I use it as an eyeliner mostly, rather than an eyeshadow.

Rosegold Laura Mercier Caviar Stick

Top: Tanya Burr eyebrow kit Bottom: Laura Mercier Glam to Go Palette

I've been using the Laura Mercier palette for the last few weeks as it has absolutely everything I need in one place - eyeshadow, blusher and lip gloss.  The blushers in this palette come in a peach and a pink shade, both of which are beautifully natural, although the pigment is quite strong so you don't need a heavy hand when applying.

I finish off with a slick of mascara.  I've been trying out this Chantecaille one, but I always go back to my Lancome Doll Eyes which I love.  As I wear contacts I also always have a bottle of soothing drops with me throughout the day.  I don't use a fixing spray as such, however, I do often spritz my face after I've done it, with Caudalie Beauty Elixir, which I'm completely addicted to.  If you've never tried it - go get.  Space NK do it in a smaller bottle so try it out first - with tones of Rosemary, Orange Flower and Rose, its like blitzing your face with botanicals and gives a real lift.

The last thing I do before I gallop out of the door is apply a slick of gloss or subtle lipstick.  I've been wearing a whole variety of nude lipsticks but recently bought this natural pink one from Tanya Burr cosmetics - it's quite pale, so will probably be better in the summer months when I have a bit of colour - and that's it - I'm good to go!

Lipstick in 'Birthday Cake' - Tanya Burr Cosmetics
Oh - quick aside about the makeup brushes in the top picture... They're Real Techniques brushes for foundation and concealer as well as one gorgeous Artis Elite Mirror brush in Oval 6. The Oval 6 will happily double up as a foundation/concealer brush, or even an eyeshadow.   I totally adore the Artis brushes, they are the softest brush I've ever come across and the bristles are densely packed so the product doesn't disappear into the brush!  I also had the Oval 10 but the handle snapped!!!  If you look closely you can see that the middle section of the brush is very finely tapered and I think the weight of the 10 wasn't supported by the design sadly.  I did get my money back, but I love the brand regardless. 

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