Friday, May 03, 2013

50 Things to do to on a bank holiday

The National Trust are worried about the number of children that are sofa-bound and addicted to computer games or the tv.  Their reponse has been to come up with a number of things that they think every child should try before they're 11 3/4.  It's a great list and whilst I was reading it I thought that actually, nevermind being a list for children, it's a great list for the child-within-the-adult.  Who's not been and had a sneaky go on the swing when no-one's looking? Or jumped in a puddle just for sheer pleasure?  Well the UK has got a long weekend coming up and even the weather's looking promising, so, off you go and indulge your inner child this weekend with some of these activities....

* Climb a tree
* Skim a stone
* Roll down a really big hill
* Dam a stream
* Make a daisy chain
* Jump over waves
* Walk on the grass barefoot
* Climb a huge hill
* Find some frogspawn
* Swim in the sea (wild swimming!)
* Cook on a campfire
* Play poo sticks

Which one will you do?  Let me know on comments or by following sazpaz1 on Twitter #fifty things.  For a full list of the activities click here.

Have fun!

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