Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Heavy Load

How often do we cling to things that make us unhappy, worried or stressed.  We worry at them, clawing apart the fabric of their dark bulk, shredding the little unhappy fibres deep into our being.  It doesn't help; we know it doesn't help, but we just keep on picking at the source.  We might seek professional help, or build in a few extra sessions at the gym; we may talk to a friend, or seethe and worry silently, losing weight and snapping at those closest to us.  It seems too complicated to sort out, too painful, too confrontational;  But mostly if we approach it from a different perspective we can see it for what it is.  It's actually more simple to resolve than we thought; a simple thought can be all it takes; a wilful decision to just. let. go.

How do you let go when you're worrying or cross?

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