Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Friday Faves!

Sometimes it's the little things in life that bring the greater pleasure; a smile on a Monday morning; a fresh cup of coffee; a thoughtful note from a friend; a good book or a chilled glass of wine (or even better, the last two together!).  This week has been so busy; lots on at work and a birthday celebration for me.  In the midst of it all I've taken some time to just appreciate the small things around me.

Everyone knows my penchant for hearts and this is a new addition that I've draped round my sparkly birdcage...

More new additions - to my bathroom...a cross-looking blusher brush and cute tweezers.  They are fun and quirky and I'm never going to lose them in my make-up bag as they're stuck to the mirror.  You can buy these and a whole host of other cutees like this from here.

We all need to dream, and a lovely friend gave me this to help my dreams come true.  The question is, which dream do I save for?

A beautiful Begonia, a present to cheer up my office window-ledge.

Last, but very much not least...this beautiful hand-painted fresco.  Another birthday gift.  Isn't it beautiful.  The colours are far more vibrant than this photo shows and I absolutely love it.  It's by Sarah Hocombe and she has painted a series of beautiful fresco's on small pieces of reclaimed brick. Many of the brick fragments have been salvaged from the river Thames, some date from the 17th century. The frescoes have different subject matter: hands, faces, buildings, wings and landscape. These small pieces have backgrounds painted in fresco (mineral pigment painted onto damp lime plaster) and details painted in egg tempera (egg yolk mixed with water and pigment).  I keep staring at this beautiful scene and can just imagine myself sailing away into my dreams...

Have a wonderful, whimsy weekend...xox

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