Monday, October 17, 2011

Therapy Part 1

A few weeks ago I made public my plan to be a little more healthy, to literally honour my body a little more than I had been and try out a few 'therapies' en route.  Well, true to my word I took myself off to the Vitality Centre for a Reiki session.  Now, I've had Reiki before and for those of you for whom it's completely new, basically a practitioner passes their hands over your body, aligning your chakra's, and generally attuning to your body. This session was slightly different because the practitioner offered me Celtic Reiki.  Celtic Reiki is basically a tuning into what the ancient Celts and Druids used to do when they communed with nature.  I really had no idea what to expect but went along with it with an open mind.  As I lay there I could feel what I thought was the practitioner moving around me, but I sensed it rather than felt it.  Over a minute or so of this and it felt like I was in a swirling vortix of energy.  I then began to feel tingling wherever she placed her hands and in my minds eye I saw a myriad of beautiful colours, similar to the experience I had with 'normal' Reiki.  The difference came afterwards in the 'debriefing' where she passed on 'information' about me and my body that came to her via... Trees... I know! I hear what you're's the hug a tree brigade; but before you scoff too much let me just tell you that she was scarily accurate.  Over certain chakra's she picked up certain trees which represent particular emotions/problems/blockages and she was spot on every time.  I left feeling bemused but definitely invigorated and it did leave me with renewed energy and a feeling of well-being that I hadn't felt for some time.  It's not for everyone, but with an open mind it's amazing what you can take away... try it and see!  I'd love to hear from anyone who's tried this, or any other 'therapies' that they found beneficial...

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