Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Childhood Favourites

I've been thinking about doing this posting for months - originally it was going to be my top-ten influential books.  Books that changed the way I viewed life and even in some cases steered my life down a completely different path; however, when I began to make a list it just grew and grew so I've decided to split it into two.  Here is my first list: Books that I loved as a child and that I still remember with a great deal of affection and have even gone back and re-read as an adult...
For some inexplicable reason, this independent young nurse became a role model for me, especially when I was being bullied by a maths teacher when I was about 10
One of my earliest memories is of my Dad reading this to me at bedtime
This was one of my Mum's books from her childhood

I loved the idea of this little water-baby, it completely grabbed my imagination
I LOVED this book - the idea of two children being locked in Kensington Gardens and the baby Peter Pan.  The illustrations by Arthur Rackham totally captured my imagination

The Famous Five on Treasure Island.  The book that singlehandedly got me reading - I rarely read until I picked up this book and from then on there's been no stopping me!

There are more, many more books that I could list - the Bruno 'Miffy' books, Ursula Le Guin's series, The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge.  I absolutely devoured everything I could get my hands on but the one thing they all did so well was to capture my imagination and take me to a magical world.  I'm intrigued about what books would appear on your lists?  Let me know...

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