Friday, October 03, 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful

1. Driving to work, tired and slightly dreading the very long day I knew I had ahead; as I turned the corner towards the common to see low-lying mist shrouding the grass.  The early morning sun perforated it like tiny stars and it was so breathtakingly beautiful I was instantly glad I had been out early enough to catch it, like a very unexpected gift.

2.  During a Sunday afternoon ramble, to find not just ONE haul of goodies, but TWO!  Sweet, sweet blackberries from the hedgerow that popped satisfyingly with juice when you bit into them, and the shiniest, most polished conkers I've managed to find for years; they were dropping off the tree to my feet as I walked by.

3.  To light a candle that I'd forgotten I had!  Bought in the summer along with a perfume with the same scent, once lit it instantly transported me back to those lazy, hot days in the South of France.