Friday, December 21, 2012

Fiction Friday - Mutton

I love India Knight!  She's witty, bright, clever, funny and she almost always says what I'm thinking, but in a far funnier wittier kind of way!!  In fact, whenever I'm asked my opinion now, I'm thinking of trotting out the line "oh, just ask India, she knows" in a light, airy sort of way.

It's not just her Sunday Times column that I love, or her great after-midnight tweets; or her blatant disregard for 'properness'; I just love her normality, the way she just puts herself out there, opinions and all and you either love it or hate it.  You all know which camp I'm in.  So, I've read all her books (even did the Pig to Twig which was wonderfully successful; I mean a diet that allows you to eat fat, no, encourages it! See, told you she was different) and the thing about IK's books, is that they've all made me snort out loud.  Yes, snort.  Her new book Mutton was no different.  Mutton chronicles the life of forty-something Clara; the pitfalls of growing older and the conundrums that brings, especially when your friends are looking younger and younger.  As Clara deals with her kids, her exes, her thin and gorgeous friends, we're treated to her views on pretty much everything she comes across - very snort-worthy it is too.  If you want to read a review before you read/download then take a peek here; but my advice would be, just get it, read it and don't expect to do anything until you've finished it.  I didn't.

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