Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday Words


  1. Hello!
    I'm sorry this doesn't have anything to do with this particular blogpost. But I just really wanted to tell you, that I love your header so much! I'm really in love with it!

    I was wondering (and I'm sure you get this question a lot), if you had time and wanted to make one for me. All I want is some paint splatter, like the one in your picture, eater like the colour that your splatter is, or maybe a slightly more pink. And then the text Trendniq in the middle, with the same font, or something similar, to the one you have on yours.

    I really hope you will and have time to do this at some point, even though you don't know me, but it would mean the world to me!

    Take care! Good luck with your blog in the future! And have a nice day/evening/night <3

  2. Thanks for your lovely comment... My header was designed not by myself but by the very talented Gemma Milly. You can find her at