Friday, June 06, 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful

Mizzle, clean sheets and tea

1.  After days of being cooped up in the house we decided to just do it.  On with the wellies and raincoats to walk in the Sussex countryside.  It wasn't even raining properly, just a steady mizzle of spray.  As we walked through the woods towards the lawns the smell of the earth was strong and comforting, and small children, undeterred by the weather, sat on the grass with a picnic.

2.  To wander into the bedroom and find that the cleaner has changed all the bed linen.  Pristine and smelling freshly laundered, the bed is made up like a hotel room.  All straight and smart and covers turned back.  I slip under the sheets and it is such bliss to be in the clean, cool caress of cotton.

3.  To remind myself that it's still more than okay to have a slow start to the day; to drink my tea and ponder what the day may bring; to dream a little and let my imagination loose, as written about here

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