Thursday, June 12, 2014

House Envy - A Tuscan Farmhouse

I'm sure that in a previous life I lived in Italy. Whenever I've been there I feel so completely and utterly at home; at peace and content in a soul-kind-of way.  It feels like something inside begins to unfurl, relax and relinquish and everything seems familiar and just as it should be.  One of the best times of my life, for many reasons, was a holiday that I took on the Umbria/Tuscany borders.  It was an old, old farmhouse that was perched at the top of a hill at the far end of a wooded valley.  Built of golden tuscan stone, it stood alone with four terraces falling away down to the pool and pergola.  Every day was full of sunshine and fantastic food, laughter and fun.  All my favourite people were there too and it stands out as a truly magical few weeks, helped along by the fairytale turret that our bedroom occupied, the view stretching out along the valley.

Every evening my sister and I would sit by the pool as the sun went down.  Dangling our feet in the water we would open a bottle of prosecco and toast the end of another beautiful day.  Only when the fizz was gone would we get up and begin to prepare dinner.  At dusk, as the sky began to darken, every night, the haunting sound of a flute would drift up to the house, carried on the silent night breeze.  It was an enchanted time and I cherish the memories, holding them very close to my heart.  So, when I saw these pictures in Elle Decor I was transported back and thought I'd share them with you, so that you can dream too...

images: Elle Decor

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