Friday, January 03, 2014

The January Cure

Whilst I was aimlessly browsing on-line yesterday, an email popped into my inbox about a project that I'd forgotten I'd signed up for!  Called The January Cure, it's a month-long project that promises to clear your home of clutter and make it a more organised and pleasurable space to spend time in. Well, I'm all for that! So the first assignment... go round your home room by room and make notes of any grot spots; jobs that are half-finished, areas that need de-cluttering, re-organising and tidying. The instructions say very clearly not to dive in and start 'doing' anything; today we are just noting and making my very favourite thing...A LIST! Yay....  So, off I went.  I started off with blank pages and before I knew it I had a very long and heart-sinking list; three pages to be exact...

I was relieved to read that once my list was done I was to take a highlighter and choose only 3 or 4 items on the list for every room to focus on...phew...So here's my typed up list; just a few things to do!
My List:
Front Garden: (this isn't strictly the house but it's the first thing I and others see)
  • reorder recycling bins (someone stole them!!!!)
  • replace cracked refuse bins
  • sweet up leaves
  • move empty flower planters to back garden
  • clear shoes from under chest
  • wash down paintwork and front door
  • replace entrance mat
Living room:
  • tidy/clear alcove cupboards
  • clean rug
  • wash sofa covers
  • complete gallery wall project
  • re-hang pictures
  • get black and white prints framed
Dining Room:
  • clear sideboard and tidy
Utility Room:
  • paint white
  • clear cupboard over washing machine
  • get rid of random bits of wood behind the door
  • buy some laundry containers
  • buy ceiling dryer
  • re-paint
  • clean unit doors
  • clear baskets on top of units
  • tidy out cupboards and throw away accumulated pots and pans that are NEVER used!
  • buy battery for radio
  1. Clean tiles
Bedroom 1:
  • Empty and tidy cupboards over wardrobes
  • clear out desk
  • clear out alcove
  • tidy and clear UNDER desk (big dumping ground!)
Bedroom 2:
  • empty cupboards over wardrobe
  • empty/clear/get rid of accumulated clothes/clutter from spare wardrobe
Bedroom 3:
  • clear out cupboard over wardrobe
  • systematically clear and throw away (there's baby stuff up there and my kids are now 18/22!)
That's it!  My list in all its glory.  I'll live-blog my progress with this project as I go along through the month so keep watching for updates.
have you got any big projects lined up for January?  If not and you want to join in the January Cure, you can sign yourself up here.

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