Monday, January 13, 2014

My Top iPhone Apps

I recently upgraded to a new iPhone (actually, should have done it in the summer but didn't get my act together!) and in the process of switching over I went through my phone noting the apps that I had - those that I used a lot and those that I didn't.  I've done a bit of a clear out as a result and not all of the downloaded apps will make it onto the new phone.  So far these are my favourites that have made the cut...

Food and Cooking:



I use these apps over and over.  Nigella's recipes are so easy and this app comes with a shopping list that you can collate as you go along.  Waitrose's app is updated regularly which means there is a constant source of inspiration and you can save your favourite recipes in a separate section to return to whenever the culinary urge takes you.



This app gives you over 30 sounds to listen to (beach, ambient music, grasshoppers, heart sutra, Tibetan chant, rain etc) to choose from.  You can then either choose to listen to that sound alone, or, mix and match the sounds to make your own soundtrack, save it and then use it as your very own meditation backdrop,  complete with timer.  It's perfect for when you're on the move and means there is no excuse not to be mindful!

Goddess Inspiration Oracle

This is a bit of fun mixed with some inspirational words that give you food for thought throughout the day.  Based on the Goddesses of different traditions this app enables women to tap into the ancient wisdom of these powerful figures. Each 'card' gives you the traditional story behind the Goddess and what she stands for, including key words to meditate upon.


There are sooooooo many photgraphic apps out there and I'm not saying these are the best...these are just my choices to date:  Aside from Instagram (obviously!) I use these the most:


 I like this app because it's so simple.  You take a photo, you choose the size, shape and intensity of the blur and it's done.  


This was the first fame app I ever downloaded, and although I've tried others since, I keep going back to it to put together my collages.  There's a big choice of frames, it's easy to add your photos and share.


I was VERY late to this particular party I have to say!  But, now I'm here I love it.  Shoot your own videos (very short) that are then shown in a loop.

I got this app quite recently because I really like the idea of turning my camera photos into cards really quickly.  This app allows you to choose your photos and turn them either into a postcard or a card for a small fee.  You can buy 'credits' up front and then it's even quicker to send a card.  I've used this to send a few postcards when I've wanted to send them as the idea occurs to me and the quality of the finished card is excellent.

There are so many different apps coming out it's hard to judge which are the best/most useful.  I tend to go by friends', what are your favourite apps?  Any I should be looking to get?

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