Tuesday, April 02, 2013

One Pot Wonders - Chicken Basque

The one-pot meal is a lifesaver for busy people.  When I was a student I had a slow-cooker and every morning I would get up extra early and diligently chop vegetables, filling my cooker ready to eat that evening.  The slow-cooker has long gone (maybe I should invest in another..what do you think?)but I'm still a huge fan of the one-pot dinner.  Easter Sunday was a lovely celebration, but lots of cooking and prep, so yesterday I was searching for something easy to prepare and so I turned to my old favourite Delia.  Now when I was in my twenties, Delia was the biggest cook/chef/tv star around.  Her original cookbook still stands on my shelf, well-thumbed and greasy on just about every page, a testament to its success.  The recipe I went to this time was a Basque Chicken with spicy chorizo, peppers and rice.  Easy to prepare, an hour in the oven. Done.

What are your go-to one-pot meals?

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