Tuesday, February 19, 2013

weekend in brief

 So I know it's Tuesday, and this post should have gone out yesterday, theoretically anyway; however, my weekend was stretched out to include Monday, so here we are, Tuesday is officially (this week anyway) the new Monday.  I've just spent a wonderful three days in the Cotswolds.  The idea was to walk, sleep, eat and laze and I managed to do all of these things, and although I've come back home with a cold, I feel all the better for it.  
{Slow Sunday, Sloe Gin}

{Rejuvenating in the Daylesford Organic Spa - where I had a blissful treatment in a truly heavenly location}
{Daylesford  organic farm shop}

{Cotswold Legbars, spotted on a muddy walk}

{Nodding snowdrops and delicate primroses - Spring is a-comin'}

What a wonderful weekend - setting me up for the next half-term I hope.  Here's hoping this gorgeous sunny weather continues...

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