Wednesday, February 20, 2013

beautiful things

1.  THE most amazing sunset - the sun, a huge flaming African ball of light; a blaze on the horizon.

2.  Suddenly, swooping towards me, so silent it's upon me and gone before I've quite registered.  A barn owl making it's pre-dusk recci.  White and downy, it's wings tinged with caramel, so close I can see it's expression.

3.  To be pampered, stroked, massaged and looked after.  To be doused in sweet smelling oils, that linger on my skin for hours.

4.  Sitting by a huge log fire as it crackles and spits at the wood; breathing in its deep resinous scent and sipping on a dry white wine.

5.  To watch the dawn break; tendrils of pink reaching over the dark thatched roofs, splintering the frost into a myriad of dancing colours.  The grass, shrouded in mist, ankle high.

What's beautiful in your life at the moment?

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