Monday, October 08, 2012

A Fall List

My love of lists is well-known and so as Autumn pops it's fiery head over the garden wall, I'm beginning to plan some things that I want to do throughout the Autumnal period.

1.  Make sure I get out and about in the fresh air every weekend; a good brisk walk (hopefully in the sunshine) always makes me feel better; if it's in the countryside, common, or a park even better.  There's nothing more rejuvanating than putting on a scarf, woolly jumper and wellies and taking a hike.
2. Try out some new recipes; comforting stews with robust flavours; warming soups and gooey puddings.  I've never been great at producing puddings, but I'm up for the challenge.  I'm thinking about pear crumble, French Onion soup (this recipe from Mon Plaisir hits just the right note between sweet unctious onions, and gooey gruyere crutons)and beef and ale stew with dumplings.
3. Catch up on some serious tv watching! Yes, really.  I think I'm the only person alive that hasn't watched Homeland.  It's now onto series 2, so guess that means some catching up with a box set!  I'm also hooked on Hunted, a new version of Spooks.
4. Create some autumnal displays in the home.  I like the idea of this one.

5. Sit outside on chilly autumn nights, wrapped up in blankets, roasting chestnuts, slathering them in butter and sharing with friends.

If you'd like to make your own list there's a really sweet free printable available from here.

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