Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Creative Displays

Whilst I do like my home to be clutter free and organised, I also like to collect things; china, books, shells, beautiful stones and more.  Over the years, it's entirely possible to build up a HUGE collection of  'stuff'; some of it useful, some of it beautiful and most of it stored away in a cupboard somewhere.  Creative Display by Geraldine James guarantees to help you solve the dilemma about what to do with your treasured collections.  The tag line says 'Inspiring ideas to make every surface beautiful' and that's enough for me!  I spent a wonderful few days browsing its pages and have begun to try out some of her ideas.  One of the best ones for me was using books as plinths for other objects - as I have a huge library of books this idea has made the piles seem more like art than clutter!

"To me and those in my world, displaying our treasures or collections comes naturally.  All of us have things we love that we want to display for our enjoyment and for that of others.  We also have stories to tell about them and want to explain our choices.  This is what defines us" Geraldine James, Creative Display.

Splitting her book into sections including Display, Work Spaces, Celebrations, Outdoors, it's easy to navigate depending what room you want to tackle.  She gets that it itsn't always easy to transform objects into interesting displays but comes up with inventive ways to rearrange your treasures.

Buy it, read it and then just enjoy playing with different ways to display.  Get creative and let your treasures tell their stories...

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