Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Books by my Bedside

For a while now I've been reading Sasha Wilkins blog Liberty London Girl and enjoyed her varied and honest posts.  She's a style editor and has worked both here and in New York and although she is now based back in London, she certainly manages to get around.  She loves to cook, that much is obvious from the copious recipes on the blog, so I guess it was no great surprise that she had a cook book in the offing going by the name of Friends, Food, Family.  Well, it was released last week and as a little treat I ordered one up.  I've sort of given up buying cook books because a) I have so many and b) I've not had much time to peruse them.  I have, however, recently been extremely bored with my food offerings at the supper table; I've lacked inspiration when planning meals and haven't particularly enjoyed what I've been cooking, so thought this would be a good kick-start for me.  I got back from the gym this morning and there it was.  So far I've only had a quick flick through, but tonight in bed I will 'read' it properly, but even from the quick glances I've managed to earmark quite a few things to try.  The book is split into obvious sections like breakfasts, parties, cake and tea, kitchen suppers, but the real joy is that there's no fancy pants preparation involved in most of the recipes.  The ethos of the book is about sharing simple food that tastes great, with people who enjoy it.  Suits me.

{Roast lamb with anchovies, garlic and rosemary}


{Fried gnocchi with mozzarella,cherry tomatoes and basil}

{Chicken and root veg tagine}

I'm going to be trying out some of these recipes over the next few weeks.