Thursday, September 05, 2013

My Digital Day

We all spend so much time at our computers, whether it be a laptop perched on said lap, or ensconced at a desk, that I thought it would be interesting to track what I did in a day...So here goes
I clicked on Mulberry's Agenda refills for my adored organiser and bought two lots.  Downloaded Kim Caterall talking about her new play on Women's Hour R4.  I also watched How to be a Powerful Woman which is where powerlister woman  share their experiences, advice and philosophy for a successful working life....I clicked voyeuristically on Kate Bosworth's wedding pictures in Martha Stewart's Real Weddings section (I know!  I didn't say it would all be intellectual....)and downloaded two books for my kindle The Sea Sisters and The Shaman in Stilletos.  As the day went on I did an on-line grocery shop and caught up on a couple of blogs, The Free People and Pure Vegetarian by Lakshmi which always has THE most divine foody shots ever.  Somehow, in between that lot, I did some work and got on with life away from the computer...

What 's your digital go-to?

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